Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Favorite photo

Ok I'm a ding dong this week. I forgot to take a photo of me when I went to the Rennaissance Fair dressed up as a gypsy this week. So here's a favorite photo of me and Kid N Play and a comedian. If any of you been looking at my wishlist recently, don't be shocked I've taken up a culinary hobby. I'm really into watching Food Network and Bravo's Top Chef. A good friend of mine said I needed to take up a hobby so I'm really getting into the cooking thing now. I've been really surprised how much of a chef I actually have in me! I find it really easy to do plating and although for most people that have been eating my food say it's a bit fancy, at least I'm finding out my cooking style. Very gourmet with simple artistry, and favor Italian and Southwest foods. Now since I'm a Filipina, I need to start learning to cook from my own heritage huh?


ROACH said...

google "cookware" or "kitchen gadgets".
click on "images"
voila! more cookware than you can ever use.

I use mostly 3 cast iron frying pans, 3 different sauce pans- antique RevereWare-
my moms- I had to move back home, to help out around the yard- live in chef/gardener/mechanic/maintenance- like eldon in"Murphy Brown", sort of.
A 1000 watt Microwave; a toaster, an Enameled blue camp style coffee pot, 3 knifes- a paring, a 6.in chefs knife, and a serrated knife, for cutting sandwiches, and such.
a nice hand held camp style can opener, a couple of table spoons, a "tongs, and a sharpening steel.
and a couple of misc. lids to keep the vintage 1962 aqua enameled GE electric range clean from grease spatters. I also have a cheese slicer for my "velveeta", and an Atlas restaurant supply knife sharpeing tool- I like sharp chefs knifes.
(the way you can check, is if you can cut an very thin slice of onion, or slice a tomato as easily as a surgeon.
oh- and a good quality wood cutting board is important too!
If you want to check out some dual-use cooking stuff, click on"
read down left column- and click on "food, and food prep".
theres a lot of cool outdoor gear here.
I enjoy watching Emeril , and Alton Brown, as well as Anthony Bourdains on the travel channel, and that other guy- Zimmern- bizarre foods. its always fascinating to see what is edible- pretty much everything- and the places, and people from all over the world.
Army/Surplus/Sporting/camping store are good places to shop, then go to wal-mart, if its cheapest. Garage sales are fun to shop too.
dont pay more than you have too, but get good quality cooking gear- as it will last forever, if you treat it well( i guess just like women?)

gabriel said...
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