Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back to blogging: Mimi

After a long hiatus from the web blogging world, I'm back! It's been kind of a rough year, and due to some recent court cases, I'm really not able to talk about it. It's very personal, and no it has nothing to do with family court. Ya da da da da.. I've been taking time to heal. Thank God for some really good online friends keeping my spirits up. Now I'm back on track working out again and rethinking alot of things in career transitions. Well, I'm gonna get back to watching Law & Order: SVU , love the leading actress. Speaking of.. My newest mainstream film "Devils Canyon" premiered at Laemmle Theater in Hollywood last weekend. I played a senator. Very serious role, gladly everyone gave me good reviews. Wheeew! Honestly I much rather enjoy doing comedy or very serious roles. But how I landed in the world of playing a sex goddess, I don't know. Well, it pays the bills for now huh?


AnkleBone said...

Hooray! Mimi's Back! Looking forward to hearing about your life. Hope all is well!

Fernando said...

Welcome back, Mimi! I missed you! I'll be checking back here everyday!

ROACH said...

mimi is in the photo
**be sure to navigate around this sight.
Also: http://www.imdb.com
"devils canyon" 2006 movie
Sounds like every small town in america run by the rich. I bet its a great movie!