Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Favorite photo

Ok I'm a ding dong this week. I forgot to take a photo of me when I went to the Rennaissance Fair dressed up as a gypsy this week. So here's a favorite photo of me and Kid N Play and a comedian. If any of you been looking at my wishlist recently, don't be shocked I've taken up a culinary hobby. I'm really into watching Food Network and Bravo's Top Chef. A good friend of mine said I needed to take up a hobby so I'm really getting into the cooking thing now. I've been really surprised how much of a chef I actually have in me! I find it really easy to do plating and although for most people that have been eating my food say it's a bit fancy, at least I'm finding out my cooking style. Very gourmet with simple artistry, and favor Italian and Southwest foods. Now since I'm a Filipina, I need to start learning to cook from my own heritage huh?

Friday, October 5, 2007

I went to the Philippines!

After 16 years I finally went back home to visit my native land. Much has changed! They have become so modernized. Paved roads, internet cafe's, restaurants, hotels, more gas stations, more fast food joints, and huge American style malls! I came from a place called Mindanao, Philippines. It's located in the southern part of the country. It's been long known to people with lame rumors that its' a dangerous place due to terrorism. BLAH! Maybe like 15 years ago! Today it's become so modern and people carry cellphones everywhere. There are military checkpoints everywhere and Philippine airforce helicopters are handy around. So I honestly can say I had nothing to worry about. There are only a few certain areas I was told not to visit. They stay to themselves there. No need to go into it.

So this month I went to Hawaii for 2 days. Flew back to America mainland to Las Vegas for a few days. Then took off to Philippines via Canada for 5 days. By the time I came back home, my body didn't know what time it was! Duuude... I'm still struggling with this jetlag. But I have to still keep my workout schedule going. I'm 34 now, and as a "cougar" it's taking much more effort to keep my shapely figure maintained as I like it.. Roooaaar!

Below are some pictures as promised to share with ya'll... HUGS! LOVE YA ALL!
Their taxi and movie theater.

One thing you don't see much in the states, are lots of women wearing scarves around their head or the full face cover. In Mindanao it is much more international. As well as religion friendly to all types. Makes it an attractive place to live for many others who might otherwise my ostracized in other countries.
Jeepney's. A public mode of transportation in the Philippines. I used to love riding in these because they are so much fun to hop onto!
Another mode of transportation. These are operated by 1 driver riding a motorcycle.
Ahh beautiful beaches here. One day I can work on the resort here?

When I pulled up to visit the charity school our family started, all these lovely kids swarmed me. I think they knew I was from America.

I'm the Philippine flag! Hanging off this flagpole in front of the charitable elementary school my parents put up in the middle of the jungle swamp area so some kids can finally get an education in this area. Yep, those initials bear the letter D. My real last name is Damayo, for all you people who didn't know it yet when I ran for Governor, I had to make my real name public.
"Melody Damayo". I've got some work ahead of me making awareness to raise funds for this.
Corn grits. Who are these for?
Me a farmer?
Corn Bran? What is this for? LOL.. I should know this.. If I'm going to work in this milling business when I retire out of showbiz... Heh eh heheee.

I'm thinking about all those poor kids in the Philippines, can't even concentrate on my cooking. Oh I'm cooking for myself, would be nice to have someone else to cook for too! Don't blame me if you get diarrahea though. I never said I was a chef.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Back to blogging: Mimi

After a long hiatus from the web blogging world, I'm back! It's been kind of a rough year, and due to some recent court cases, I'm really not able to talk about it. It's very personal, and no it has nothing to do with family court. Ya da da da da.. I've been taking time to heal. Thank God for some really good online friends keeping my spirits up. Now I'm back on track working out again and rethinking alot of things in career transitions. Well, I'm gonna get back to watching Law & Order: SVU , love the leading actress. Speaking of.. My newest mainstream film "Devils Canyon" premiered at Laemmle Theater in Hollywood last weekend. I played a senator. Very serious role, gladly everyone gave me good reviews. Wheeew! Honestly I much rather enjoy doing comedy or very serious roles. But how I landed in the world of playing a sex goddess, I don't know. Well, it pays the bills for now huh?